4 Exciting Features you will enjoy in your new IPhone 5

As the new iPhone 5 has been released for sale and delivery, I would like to inform you about some lovable and exciting features you will meet in it. Some of this exciting features as I am sorry to say might inspire you from switching over from your former cell phone or smart phone to this new iPhone. iPhone 5 has recorded has astonishing features and features which you as a smart phone lover would love to do anything for, some of these features include features which will make you who don’t have these smart phone salivate for.

Inclusively, there are features which will help an individual, a business corporation and a group of society to carry out their daily task with special ease. In this version of iPhone, there are not only features that can help business and daily tasks but there are also featureswhich can be used to play games, conduct proper video recording, voice recorder and special features which will also help users in chatting and advertising.

However, not all of these available features will be listed below but the list below will contain a little number of special features which you as an iPhone user will find up to your specified task.

Ultrafast LTE wireless technology: As the latest iPhone brand, iPhone 5 happens to come with the latest wireless technology in town as LTE is this fastest wireless technology, it happens to be a connection technology which is with ultrafast internet speed. When I say ultrafast I mean very fast and also the fastest browsing technology. Being the fastest browsing and surfing technology, LTE comes with an average internet browsing speed which is more than two times faster compared to that of the preceding technology which is HSPDA.
In other words, when HSPDA can reach an average of 42 megabyte per second, then LTE can reach a maximum of one hundred or there about. However, as this happens to be what most users by smart phones for, it will then be advisable to get this Smart technology.


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ISight graphics camera: Graphics being a very decisive component in getting a smart phone is very rare to get in high quality, however, with the discovery of the iSight technology, iPhone as been able to explore the world of image and have therefore brought forward this exciting technology for users like me and you to explore till the later. In other words, Apple Company has used a lot of their time to get best graphic quality for the iPhone user which they regard as first to serve.

However, getting this qualitative feature into iPhone 5 has not made Apple stop researching about quality ways on how they can serve customers like you and mean better. Moreover, more of the research they made to help lives will be listed here below. This iPhone 5’s iSight has a picture and recording mode of 15 megapixels.

Latest and most advanced operating system: As I have told you earlier, this honorable company, Apple, has not stopped at discovering quality features like those above but has also advanced into some features which will be shared below. With the headline above, you should understand that Apple’s operating system which is the IOS have not stopped at what they discovered and implanted into iPhone 4s but have also developed into discovery their latest IOS 6 which is better and advanced as an operating system. Moreover, this IOS 6 happens to be the most advanced mobile operating system as at now.

Unbeatable Apps: Finally, it would be of help to you if you could read through and understand this point. Here I am trying to tell you that this new apple product is filled with thousands of interesting apps out of which some are unbeatable. Don’t get me wrong, not all the apps in this iPhone 5 are unbeatable but some of the apps installed are. In other words, to my knowledge and series of researches, I discovered that there are two classes of apps which are the beatable ones and the unbeatable ones. However, not all this apps are already installed in the phone but Some of this apps are in the iPhone app world ready for you to download.

In conclusion, the newly produce Apple product which is hereby called iPhone 5, has a lot of exciting features which will make you want buy the phone at any cost it might take you, above here are some of this exciting features listed.


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