How to Blog Like An Expert

There are lots of self-made ‘experts’ on the Internet today. If they have made themselves experts, are successful and get recognition for it, it means that the opportunity is out there for you to do the same. What is the difference between you and the self-made expert everyone is listening to? What makes them earn more than you do, get more traffic than you do, and more respect than you can ever command? In reality, they probably know just as much you do on a particular subject. You probably write just as well (if not better) as they do and have just as many great ideas. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for their blogging careers taking off while yours is at a standstill.


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Experts Use Their Strengths To Grow Their Blogs

In the race for making money online, many bloggers follow exactly – to the letter – the advice other bloggers are giving them. What they don’t consider is that they already have their unique strength. They bury their strengths however, to concentrate on making money in exactly the same way as Blogger A does. As it happens, Blogger A’s strength may be your weakness. There is no way you’ll make the kind of money and gain the type of respect he does until you focus on what you can do best. If you want to become an expert and be respected in your field (thus make money from your hard work), use your strength to grow your blog. Regardless of what niche you blog within, someone wants the information you have. Use this to help others.

Experts Specialise

Most bloggers out there blog about general topics. Their sites are not (and can’t ever be) targeted because they don’t have focus. They don’t have purpose. If you the blogger has no purpose or focus, how do you expect your work to help anyone else? Experts are experts because they spend their time learning about their choice of topic. If it’s their hobby, they may have done it over and over again in many ways. They may have gone through things that work and those that don’t. They can use this knowledge to save other people time and effort and lead them along the right path. If their expertise is their job, experts are working at it each day: reading, writing and researching. If you want to be an expert, focus and specialise. If someone wants to know something or has a question they can’t answer, who do you think they’ll ask, a general blogger, or you who only specialises in that subject?

Experts Share Valuable Information

The people who’re most respected on the Internet are those who tell you something new; those who show you something you haven’t seen before, or present information from a perspective you hadn’t considered. Experts don’t spin posts, spam or regurgitate the same old information over and over again. If you want to be seen as an expert, grow your blog and earn more online, become someone who gives value in each post, each comment.
So, start your journey as an expert: make use of your strengths, specialise, and give valuable information.


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