Strategic Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic through Facebook

Having a successful blog lies in the effort and time you put into it and not only that, there are some strategic procedure that has to be follow in building a successful blog with huge traffic flocking in day by day. A  good example is by guest posting on others blog while another is by using coupon to advertise your blog, but aside this two approach, there is one sure way you can use in building a successful blog traffic with less stress, and that is by using Facebook. Facebook been the number one social media site with over 4 million subscriber round the world could be a sure way to boost the traffic of your blog if properly utilized, but the question is how? And that’s where this post comes of help of you. I’ll be discussing here tips in which you can use a Facebook account to build your blog, only if you can take a few minute in reading through this article, who knows, this might be want you need to change the platform of your blog traffic.

Before we go further, I’ll like to bring your mind to this, in using a Facebook to boost the traffic of your blog, you should know that nothing can be done if you don’t have a personal Facebook account for yourself or the blog you’re trying to promote, so the first thing to do following this approach is to have a Facebook account and make your mind to get Traffic through Facebook. That can easily be done all you need do is visit the Facebook site and register for an account.

Here is how to get Traffic through Facebook


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Attached your blog to a your Facebook account

Attaching you blog to your Facebook is one way that will help your blog grow in traffic and make the visibility of your blog known to the public. It is ridiculous to see a blog nowadays not having a social media site link on her blog, but it’s true there are blogs that are not having a social medial link like Facebook on their blog. With a social site like your Facebook link on your blog, your blog get gain the chance to have more visitors to your blog. Visitors can share and like your article on their Facebook account and thereby give a plus to your blog.

Updating link of your new article or development of your blog on Facebook

One of the approach of making your blog visible enough for your visitors and passersby that could stumble on your post through Facebook is by updating the friends and fans you have on your Facebook account with things happening on your blog. Since Facebook is a social media site, it will give a plus advantage to the engagement of your blogs by people deliberating through the comment box of Facebook account which could in turn increase the traffic of your blog and make your blog more visible to more audience

Re-address your most popular article on your Facebook account

This approach in making the visibility of your blog known to the public brings a lot of deliberation and traffic to your blog. By re-addressing a particular article posted on your blog or as a guest post on other blog on your Facebook account, you’ll catch the attention of your fans friends or visitors to come to your site and just for the fact that the article is one article that took the crown in gaining popularity on your blog is enough to make you get additional traffic when the article is re-address to your Facebook friends.

Post those interlink article on Facebook

There are some articles you posted on your blog that you in one way or the other link the article to some article that are not gaining attention by your readers or you’d love then to check on. Articles like this are just a perfect tool to increasing the traffic of your blog when they are posted on Facebook for your Facebook friends or fans to see.

Above all, having a good article posted on your blog is what should be taking very serious to hearth because the quality of the article found on your blog will best speak of who you are and what you stand for, so implore you take that to  hearth and I bet you your blog traffic will take a new look.


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