Best Business Apps for iPad and iPhone Users

Business is something every one of us wishes to do one day. Doing business does not only means you’re your own boss and in total control of your affairs, but it also means having a bigger opportunity to unleash your financial dreams. With the more money and freedom you gain from your business, the more your tasks and difficulties you’ll come across running your business.

There are, however, a few ways to make those tasks easy on you. Many people consider hiring others a great option in this aspect, but that only seems to make it tougher for others. That’s why having apps that will totally help you erase the complexities in running a business is necessary.

This blog post will be listing iPad and iPhone apps that will make running your business smooth for you.


One of the most important things business people do is take note of happenings in their business. If you’re the type that easily gets tired of carrying things, just like me, then you’ll not fancy putting notes in a physical diary. Your Evernote app can both serve as your reminder and your digital diary.

Evernote is one of the best note and reminder apps we have at this moment and the app works perfectly for iPhone and iPad. This app possesses a handful of excellent features that you won’t find in other note and reminder apps on the internet.


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The syncing ability of this app is unbeatable and you’ll also find the cloud backup feature of this app wonderful. There are several other apps in the same category as Evernote but Evernote seems to be the best for me


Having a healthy conversation and discussion is one of the most important elements of business. Doing business without having an app that will facilitate a healthy conversation between you and your clients might keep you on the hang. Make your business look more professional by using Skype to keep in contact with your clients and customers even while on the go.

Downloading Skype on your phone will enable you to use your phone’s Wi-Fi data connection to make voice and video calls without charges with other Skype users. You can also make free voice and video calls using your phone’s 3G network.

Document to Go-Office Suite

Originally your iPhone will make it possible for you to open or read Microsoft documents, but there’s no option to create or edit one. With Document to go on your iPhone or iPad, you can do virtually anything on Microsoft from editing and creating new Microsoft word documents to modifying your excel spreadsheets.

There are two options with Document to go, you can either go for Document to go office suite or Document to go office suite premium. With the premium package, you can add creation and editing of PowerPoint files in 2007 to 2010 editions.


Mobility is something that matters to business people and there’s an added advantage if you can take your important files with you wherever you go. You can get started with Dropbox for free which gives you the advantage of 2gb online storage of your files.
You can backup everything and anything you want to backup with Dropbox which include your pictures, music, videos and other important documents that you add to the Dropbox folder.

Once you add any file in Dropbox, it is automatically synced with your other computers, your iphone and ipad and including the Dropbox website.


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