3 Software Programs to Help Manage Your Business

Even if you have just one blog, you can be referred to as an online entrepreneur. This means, that in order to conduct your business right, you need precise time management and know-how. Time management has improved greatly over the years. Online business owners and companies are spending more and more to get the best out of the resources available to them. Unfortunately, sometimes this means getting rid of staff. At other times it just means teaching themselves (or staff) to use software to become as efficient and as effective as they could be.

Time management can now be handled at a much higher level. The ones to evaluate how quickly and efficiently we perform our jobs are faceless and nameless because this assignment is handled mainly by computer software programs. There is no bias involved. No human emotions, just facts and figures. If you have a small company or an online business, the following software will become necessary to you sooner or later.


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Office Suite Software

Whether you’re a blogger with an online business or a small company boss with a few employees, office suite software will save you a whole lot of time and money by the simplicity of the program integration feature. You can move your information from a word-processing document to a spreadsheet, or use one application within another. You’ll save hours normally spent trying to convert documents from one program or application to the next. Office Suite Software isn’t cheap, but it’s affordable for most small or startup businesses.

Voice recognition software

This is a fantastic software for bloggers and other online entrepreneurs. If you’re sitting for long periods writing this may be affecting your health negatively. Voice recognition software gives you the option to work while you write or walk, or travel. Give your fingers, back and bum a rest and get your work done without having to spend hours seated in an uncomfortable corner. This software will increase your productivity ten-fold. Manage your emails, make notes, record eureka moments etc. Voice recognition software may take a little time ‘getting used to your voice’ but then it pays off because it makes no spelling mistakes – saving you hours of editing etc. Voice recognition software also has add-ons to convert your speech into documents.

Sage 1

Another software program that promises to help manage your office or online business is Sage 1. Sage 1 has the ability to help organize projects and tasks even to the point of assigning duties and collaborating staff, customers and contractors with assignments and time allotments. If you run an online business, this is a great feature by which to monitor all your online work and various clients. It also watches the finances, creates invoices and performs billing while managing files and budgeting time. This is probably for larger businesses, but it can work for you if these are the kind of services you need.

Do you run a small or startup business? Have you ever used any of these software programs to manage your company? Are there any others you can recommend?


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