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Start-up businesses are all the rage on big sites on the Internet at the moment. People from various professional backgrounds are leaving traditional employment to seek their fortune on their own, on their own terms. In this technological age, most people want financial freedom, but they also want personal freedom to be able to work when they like and express themselves creatively – the best way they see fit. This is where start-ups come into play. With no employer or task-masters telling you how to do your job, you can at last branch out into the area of your specialty you like best and are most confident doing.

Whatever business you’re involved in, you need help with your start-up. Here are the 3 best apps for start-up businesses. We look at the three main areas every startup must consider carefully, clients (people to do business with), money (how you earn it and how you spend it) and time management (how you work and how well you work within a set time-frame).


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If you’re a blogger, you’ve heard of Mailchimp. The main asset of every start-up business is its clients. The more people you have access to and can communicate with, the more you can potentially grow your business, online or offline. Mailchimp allows you to design your emails, letter etc., and send them out to your subscribers or clients. Mailchimp can be integrated easily into your Google Analytics so you can monitor your progress and test your responses. Mailchimp eliminates the need to constantly keep up with your clients individually. You can write one (or a few) all-inclusive email, decide when you want to send it and who you want to send it to, and get the job done in minutes.


Not everyone knows that much about accounting. However, as an online entrepreneur, you need to know how to do your own books (at least). FreeAgent makes it easy for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best. FreeAgent will help you with Bookkeeping and accounting. It’s an application designed to help small businesses or start-ups. You have to pay a monthly fee, but it’s well worth the time, frustration and effort it’ll save you.

Time Master

You’ve got control now of your two main concerns: your clients and your accounts. One can’t be ignored at the cost of the other. Now here comes the next area of business start-ups need to worry about – time management. As a freelance, I need to manage my time precisely. Bad management means less productivity, less pay and unsatisfied clients. My business won’t thrive in such a situation. Late deliveries mean loss of potentially good and loyal clients to one of your competitors with better time management skills (or apps). The Time Master app will keep track of your time and help you manage your productivity and your clients’ work. It even gives you the option of producing time sheets and schedules for clients, making it easy to keep on top of all your deadlines.

Do you consider yourself an online entrepreneur or owner of a start-up What apps do you find useful and can you recommend any of them to us?

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