Cloud Computing – An Advance Computer Innovation

Today, almost every corner of the world has witnessed the growth of the computer technologies. These days the access to computers is enjoyed by everyone. With this development of various computer terminologies many modern concepts come into the picture. One such concept, which is widely growing today is cloud computing.

Meaning Of Cloud Computing

Basically, cloud computing is the process of delivering various computing and storage capacities in the form of a service to a large number of end users. Cloud computing basically involves a model for computer, which is based on the internet. It helps the users to enjoy the storage capacities, computing powers and technologies. Cloud computing helps people to develop and use various computer technologies over the internet.


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Kinds of cloud computing

  • SaaS- This kind of cloud computing is concerned with the delivery of one application with the help of a browser to several customers. It requires no investment by the customers on any kind of servers. The service provider faces a very low cost and has only one application to maintain.
  • Utility Computing- Various enterprises have adopted this type of cloud computing options. It has helped them in meeting critical needs of the organization.

Development models of cloud computing

  • Public cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Private cloud

Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing has brought various advantages to the users. They can be summarized as follows:

  • There is a great reduction in the cost structure.
  • There is rapid conversion of capital expenditure into operational expenditure.
  • The restrictions, which are placed on the entry, are considerably reduced as the essential infrastructure is offered by the third parties.
  • There is great independence and flexibility on the use of devices.
  • Access is enjoyed by the users irrespective of their location.
  • The technology of visualization has helped the storage devices and servers to be utilized properly.
  • There has been an improvement in the sharing of various computer resources.
  • There is a greater degree of reliability and this feature helps in maintaining continuity of business and recovery from any disaster.
  • The centralized data helps in maintaining proper security as compared to any type of traditional systems.
  • Maintenance is very easy because there arises no requirement to install the application on each computer system.

The concept of cloud computing has brought about several changes. It has revolutionized various computer technologies. The increased shift towards the cloud computing concept has made a significant effect on various software companies. Not only this, changes are also faced by the ISPs, which are called the internet service providers, and the manufacturers of computer hardware.

The concept of cloud computing today has gained wide popularity. It has helped them extensively to meet the needs of people in a very effective and efficient manner. Various organizations and corporate entities have adopted the concept of cloud computing as it helps them to meet various needs and requirements in the most effective manner.


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