My Naukri: In India or Abroad?

Are you among those people who are confused in deciding “whether my naukri (job) should be in India or abroad”.


Many of them have no idea what is going to be best for them. They normally take advice from people who themselves have no idea about jobs in India or abroad.

I myself faced this problem when I completed my graduation. It was very difficult for me to decide whether I should stay and work in India or go abroad.

There were friends and others to suggest me but I was never convinced with their answer.

I did what my heart told me to do. You should brainstorm and make decision on your own rather listening to others.

Why do you think “my naukri should be in India”?

If you plan to stay and work in India then while brainstorming you should ask yourself why you would like to work in India.

What you will gain working in India and what you will be missing if you decide to work here?

If you feel that going abroad is just fashion then you might be wrong. There is a general perception in our society that you get high quality education and job too if go abroad.

Well! This is very wrong perception. Today there are jobs except sarkari naukri that could pay more money working in India compared to abroad. In fact, many foreigners are working in India.

Thus never overwhelmed by the general perception that going aboard is always going to work.

Moreover, you think that working in India would prevent brain drain. You could stay here and contribute in the economy of the country.

Therefore, you make a decision of your Naukri in India then think again before making a decision.

Why Would you Like to Work Abroad?

Similarly, if you prefer to work abroad then why would you like to work abroad?

If you are a graduate in a particular discipline then it might happen that the future job opportunities in that discipline are very good abroad. Thus staying in India could be a wrong decision.

In that case, you can apply for a job abroad.

Moreover, if you are making your mind for a job outside the country then you have to consider many things. Some of them are

  1. Adjusting New Culture
  2. Visa Issues
  3. New Migration and other laws
  4. Tough competition etc

These are just few things that you have to look at.

Moreover, students coming from a poor background must understand that there is no shortcut. You are not going to be rich overnight if you are working abroad.

Hence, they should not fell in trap of fake consultancy services which provides visa after taking huge amount of money from you.

What is the Trend Right Now in the Country?

There is another way to know whether you would like to work in the country or want to go abroad.

That is following the trend. I am not suggesting you to just copy what others are doing but you will get an idea why others want to go abroad or stay here.

In other words, if others want to go abroad for a job then there must be some reason for it and if they want to work here then also there is some logic behind it.

You should try to analyze both scenarios.

Why they want to go out of country?

  • Is there more money?
  • They want citizen of that country?
  • Abroad demand of jobs is high with less competition? Etc

Similarly, Why they want to stay here?

  • Desire to serve the country?
  • Opportunities are good here?
  • Want to live with their family?

Therefore, you must watch the trend carefully but do not follow it blindly.

A Comparison between Working in India and Working Abroad

Now let us compare briefly between working in India and abroad.

  1. Working here means stay with family while you might have to live with family abroad.
  2. Abroad more money here less money.
  3. Working here would be confined to one place whereas abroad you will explore more.
  4. Going abroad means brain-drain while working here means helping the country indirectly.

There could be many other points that I have missed but from the comparison you can say there is both advantage and disadvantage in working here and abroad.

Everything depends upon your liking. What do you like?

There will be always some plus and minus that you have to consider.

What is Good for You?

Well! As I said in previous paragraph that you have to decide what is good for you?

If I share my experience, then I should say working here in India is better than working abroad. I have some genuine reasons.

But if you are determined to work abroad then you should do what your heart says.

Therefore before making any final decision, take advice of your elders or others who have experienced.

But do what your heart is saying.

Still Confused??

After reading this article if you are still confused and not being able to make any decision then I must say still time has not come for you.

It is better that you wait for some time and continue what you are doing right now.

Making a decision in haste is not good for your career. At appropriate time you should reach any final conclusion.

Decide only after consultation and deep brainstorming.

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