How to Improve Concentration. 31 Ways to Increase

how to increase concentrationNot Being Able to Concentrate While Listening!

Not Being Able to Concentrate While Driving!

Not Being Able to Concentrate on Your Studies!

Not Being Able to Concentrate on Your Work!

Not Being Able to Concentrate on Anything!

Well! Lack of concentration is a problem that every individual in this world faces. Whether, he is a school child, a college student, or an employee, he is not able to concentrate on what he is doing.

Let me tell you a fact that concentration power is not something that is god-gifted but it is achieved through various means that I am going to tell you in this article.

You can improve your concentration over the period of time if you know how to do it.

What do you mean by great concentration power?

Let me give you an example

A great Indian scholar Swami Vivekananda said “some read word by word, some read sentence by sentence, some read paragraph by paragraph, but I read page by page.

Now this is called great concentration power.

So how can you increase your concentration? What are the ways to improve?

31 Ways to Improve & Increase Your Concentration

Here are 31 ways you can learn to increase your concentration.

1. Setting an Ambition in Life

In order to increase your concentration, first you have to set a goal that you have to be something in your life.

In other words, you must have an attitude that says “Yes I want to have great concentration power after few years.”

2. Focusing on the Ambition

Now you have to focus on the Ambition. Well! Just telling somebody to stay focused is very easy. However, you have to actually do it.

There would be many diversions but you have to remain focused. Keep reading the article to know more on focusing.

3. Training Your Mind

Until now, your mind was roaming around the world. Mind travels faster than anything.

You have to train your mind to get rid of certain habits that distracts you. Now, you have to leave certain habits.

For this you need to start training your mind not to do things that reduces concentration.

4. Never Believe You Can’t Concentrate

When you decided to increase your concentration through setting an ambition then at that time your mind was already full of distractions.

Hence, it is obvious to get a feeling that you can’t concentrate on anything because distractions are so much.

Therefore, believe that you can concentrate.

5. Controlling Unnecessary Emotions

You have to learn to control unnecessary emotions that are coming out of your mind because you live in a family or group of people.

It is normal, when you live among people, you start carrying emotions regarding them, at times which can be good or bad also.

So at least come out of all negative emotions.

6. Ready to Give Away

For an improved concentration you must give away small things in your life.

You should not expect anything for somebody else. It unnecessary involves you in a relationship and reducing your concentration because of emotions.

Sacrifice small things.

7. Coming Out Of Negative Forces

Well! There are many moments in your life when you get angry or react in way which is inappropriate. Certain emotions like gluttony, greed, selfishness is surrounding you.

Best way to get rid of them is to ignore those incidents. It will help your mind to stay focused and hence increasing concentration.

Above mentioned tips do affect your concentration power directly or indirectly.

8. Enjoying Solitude

You can improve your concentration tremendously when you start living alone. I am not saying you to live alone for your whole life.

However, you can live alone and give some time to yourself, coming out of daily hectic work life. When you live alone then you start trying to know more about yourself.

9. Avoid Unnecessary Social Gatherings

Unnecessary social gatherings like going to pubs, discotheques or other type of parties. You divert your concentration if you are mingling with unnecessary people.

Hence it is recommended for improved concentration power that you avoid certain things in your daily life that a man is addicted to.

10. Talking Less

Whatever you talk, it haunts your mind. Thus it certainly hinders you from concentrating on one thing.

Moreover, you talk more you tend to make more mistakes. Hence you should talk only when necessary. Your concentration power decreases if you are too talkative.

11. Reading, Writing & Most Important Listening

If you are alone then read and write something. It will further improve your concentration. Even listening is very important to increase your concentration.

12. Managing Time

Learn to manage your time. Managing your time would help you to do your chore in right order. You won’t hurry up because everything is planned.

When things in your life go on planned manner then your mind remains peaceful which is very important for a sound concentration.

13. Remaining With a Problem Longer

If you are reading something and not being able to understand then ponder over it again and again. Pondering on a problem improves not just your concentration but also your analytical skills.

Einstein said “I am not so genius, it is only that I stay with a problem longer”

14. Do Things Simultaneously

We have two sides of the brain and we only use one side of it. If you use both sides of the brain then you can do two things at a time.

For example, I used to write two different things from both hands simultaneously. You can at least try, it will certainly increase your concentration.

15. Creating a Great Ambience

How is your room? Also affects your concentration. Decorate your room in such a manner that soothes your mind.

Choosing right blend of color is an important factor to understand. Keep it simple so that you can concentrate on work you are doing.

16. Keep Your Body Clean & Fresh

Not just room but also your body. Keep it clean and fresh. Take shower daily, in summer you can take twice a day.

Good hygiene is very important for a great concentration. Yes! It does not affect you directly but a fresh mind is not possible without a fresh body.

17. Give Away Bad Habits

You have to giveaway certain bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. Smoking and drinking is not just injurious to your health but totally impairs concentration of a person.

So denounce bad habits. sound sleer & getup early

18. Going Early to Bed & Getup Early

For a sound mind it is important to go early to bed and getup early in the morning. Late nights are not good for proper functioning of your mind and body.

It may have adverse affect on your body hence decreasing your concentration power.

19. Enjoy a Good Sleep

Your sleep must be sound and nothing less than continuous 8 hours. Avoid using mattresses and pillows.

For a sound mind a goodnight sleep is important.

20. Sitting Straight On Chair

Your spine is everything. It is spine that controls your mind. So you can never concentrate if you are sitting awkwardly.

You can easily concentrate and pay more attention if you are sitting straight on chair.

Get some spine!healthy food for improving concentration

21. Eating Less & Healthy

Pressure in your head is directly proportional to what & how much is in your stomach. If you eat more then the increased pressure in stomach will definitely affect your mind.

So eat less and healthy. If your stomach is filled with too much food then your mind would not work. Eating habits surely affects concentration power of your mind.

22. Controlling All Your Appetite

There are few things that you have to control. It does have indirect (sometimes direct) affect on your concentration power.

You have to control your appetite. Appetite for anything usually diverts your attention and hinders when you are concentrating.

23. Controlling Anger

Anger is a common emotion that every person suffers from. You must not only control anger but completely win over it.

Anger is very harmful for a mind which wants to achieve great concentration power.

24. Living in Hermitage

You can choose to build your home along country side. If you live alone then your daily life would be much peaceful and less chaotic.

You interact more with nature and animals. It certainly helps you to increase your concentration in doing things that you want to.

25. Avoiding Loud Musicloud-music

In the name of entertainment avoid loud music especially Hip Hop or rock n roll. It may excite but it totally damages your mind.

It is important to tell you because people are addicted to music. Hence avoid loud music as it also affects concentration of your mind.

All the above mentioned factors do affect your concentration power.

26. Spending Time at Secluded Places

You can escape to secluded places in the lap of nature. If you cannot take a home along country side then at least you can spend some time at secluded places where you can talk to nature.

Your mind would love natural things. Go there and spend some quality time. That is why you see a lot spa in your town. It is also a great way to improving concentration.

27. Going for Morning Walkmorning walk

Go for a walk without slippers and step on those droplets of water on the green grass. It will certainly impact on your mind if you do daily in early morning.

It will have a sound affect on your mind and body. This is an age old tip for increasing concentration.

28. Meditation

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge.

Hence you have to learn to imagine. concentration excercises

Concentration of your mind can be increased by focusing on one thing. It could be closing your eyes and imagining a circle in your mind and focusing on it.

This is called meditation, concentrating on one thing.

Meditation will help you observing things rather just seeing it. So stay focused through   practicing meditation.

29. Performing Daily Yoga*

Well! If you implemented all the above mentioned tips then you can move on to perform Yoga. Yoga in itself is a big domain.

You can perform various asana to improving your concentration. There are so many asana and one paragraph cannot do justice explaining all of them.

Therefore, perform yoga to increase your concentration.


30. Doing Some Exercises

Other than performing yoga there are some exercises that can help you to increase your concentration. Like

  • Staring at your finger
  • Aiming with a dart

31. Visiting a Psychologist

Finally, there is nothing wrong to visit your nearby Psychologist if you are not being able to concentrate even after learning above mentioned tips.

The Psychologist may tell you what is wrong with your mind and how you can improve your concentration.


  1. Amazing post!I would like to thank you for such type of nice post.These tips will be definitely helpful in improving the concentration power.I will definitely follow these tips.Thanks again!

  2. Good tips to keep our mind focused and sharp. If one can follow all these he/she can be a perect human being on the earth.

  3. I always try to concentrate my work my study but i did not concentrate it as well as i do.
    But when i read a post how to concentrate in our work its really work . i fixed my target when i was done new job.
    Thanks buddy

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