Airtel Broadband Scam. Finally I Said Goodbye to Airtel Broadband

After finding so many similar complaints about Airtel broadband on other forums & consumer complaints sites, I was confirmed that its nothing but a scam run by Airtel broadband.

Sometime back, I used to be a fan of Airtel but the greed of making money by fooling innocent people forced me to write my horrible story with Airtel broadband.

Airtel Broadband Scam Complaints

8 months back, I opted for Airtel broadband for my office in Mumbai. First month, it was running very smoothly but from the next month onwards, its started giving me trouble. I am sure everyone in India is going with the same problem if they have Airtel broadband connection.

Airtel Broadband Complaint

All the complaints with Airtel broadband started when they have discontinued the unlimited plans from their broadband plan lists. As per all the existing plans, you can not have any plan with unlimited download limit with the same speed. Your speed limit will be be reduced to 256 kbps once your download quota reaches maximum.

Immediately after you cross the limit, you will be greeted by a message to buy more data through their smart bytes. Not only the screen welcome you with this message, you also get the message by SMS as well as email.

This message really sucks. It clearly shows the scam run by Airtel company. I have already deactivated my account with Airtel & happily using MTNL broadband for my office. I just want inform you I am using MTNL broadband at home from the last 4 years & without any problem.

So What is Airtel Broadband Scam?

The scam is to make more money every month through their so called smart byte plans. Airtel is indeed into a money making business only without seeing their customers problem.

Here is my experience with Airtel broadband. I applied for Airtel broadband just because I was having an MTNL connection at home. My office is near to my home so if there is problem with one connection, I can use another.

I chose the plan of 8 GB unlimited quota. In this plan, I will get the speed of 2 MBPS till 8 GB & then the speed will reduced to 256 kbps for unlimited usage.

There was no problem with Airtel connection for the first 2 months but it started giving me problems with the 3rd month.

The billing for Airtel here in Mumbai starts from 27th of every month but this time while I was browsing my PC on 30th of May 2012, I got the message that you have reached your maximum quota & you have to buy the additional data usage to continue the same speed.

I was surprised. I have very light usage in my office. I don’t download any file or watch any video in my office or do any stuff which need heavy internet usage but my Airtel account dashboard shows 2 GB downloads everyday.

If I had to download anything, I used to download at home or use the dropbox techniques to download all my files through torrent at my home PC.

I complained to Airtel customer care & even emailed to but there was no solution. They said someone is stealing your data usage.

OK, next I did is change my Wi-Fi password & waited for the next month. This time, I was not doing anything that require heavy downloads but again the same thing happened.

With in just 4 days, I reached the maximum usage quota & my Airtel account shows the daily usage of 2 GB.

I complained to the customer & complained them that with in 4 day, my account shows the 100% data usage even after changing my Wi-Fi password. Its not someone but Airtel is stealing my data.

In spite of explaining everything to them , they blamed me that your usage are high & that is the reason your quota expires in 4 days. Then they started to convince me to go for higher GB plans.

Then I thought lets try the higher plan & changed my plan from 8 GB to 15 GB. Then I waited for this month to end & next billing cycle to start.

What is this? The same thing happens again. With in 4 days, my 15 GB quota completed & as usual, I received the message to buy more data from smart bytes.

When I checked my account dashboard, it was showing me 3+ GB usage everyday. The same story of consuming the data in 4 days, no matter what your plan is.

The worst thing about this, they are not ready to listen. Whether you call customer care or email to, you won’t find any solutions.

At last, I asked them to close my account immediately. I am no more using Airtel internet & will never dare to get one.

Another Scam

Apart from this, I was also frustrated by their PC secure antivirus. I have complained at least 5 times that I don’t want this & deactivate this from my plan. Every time they say, they have deactivated the service from their plan but every month they were sending the added charges of PC secure with bill.

Are you also suffering in a similar way? Do you have any story of Airtel broadband to share with us. Send them through complaints below.


  1. Abhishek Sagar says:

    airtel is such a brand, and is being used world wide. Dont understand how you get into trouble, it cannot be deliberate scam by airtel.

  2. same happens to me, and planning to disconnects the connection

  3. I have been suffering the same for over an year. I subscribe to their 60GB plan but it gets over fast without me downloading anything significant.

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