Quick Tips For Booking Ticket With IRCTC


Ticket booking done through IRCTC portal is quite popular now. Nobody has the time and patience to stand in the ticket counter and book train tickets for their journey. Trains tickets can be booked 60 days before the actual date of journey. At times it is not possible for the users to book tickets two […]

How A Sailboat Works


I grew up sailing on a lake in my hometown, and learned quite a bit about the little tweaks to make to a sailboat to adapt to particular conditions, identifying the forces and nature of wind, and the strategies used to gain an upper-hand while competing against other boats in regattas. However, for the longest […]

How to Improve Eyesight?


Eyesight is one of the most important things for humans and if a person is having bad eyesight then it becomes quite difficult for him or her to perform daily activities. Though these days there are many medical techniques that are available to correct the eyesight of a person but it is always good to […]

How to Improve Handwriting


Handwriting is one such important parameter in a person’s life that plays a very important part and the overall growth in the career also. The reason why handwriting is given so much importance is because it represents your actual personality. If a person writes in a neat and clean manner it means that that person […]

How to Improve Memory Power


Everybody wish to have focused and a sharp memory and is on a constant lookout for different ways to improve the memory power. There are many different and good ways to improve your memory power that are available. Apart from special diet there are some more things that you can do to increase the memory […]

How to Tie a Tie? 5 Simple Steps to Wear a Tie


Though tying a tie is a very easy job but some people think of it as a very complicated task. Here is the step by step approach about how to tie a tie. As you go to office or if you are into some kind of management job then wearing a tie is a must […]

How to Quit Smoking? 5 Simple Ways to Quit


With the growing awareness among people about how to quit smoking there are many people who want to quit smoking. But due to some or the other reason they are not able to quit this addictive habit called as smoking. The main reason why people are not easily able to quit smoking is because of […]

How to Edit PDF Online through Various Editing Services?


The popular PDF was created in the early 1990s and if recent estimates from Google are to be believed there are over 700 million different PDF documents that are present on the internet. There are many different reasons that make PDF so much popular such as it helps in easy exchange of presentations, drawings related […]

How to Apply for Tatkal Passport Online?


One of the latest benefits of advancement in the technology is that you can apply for a Passport under Tatkal System through online option. This is seen as a welcome step by the Indian Passport Authorities and this scheme is earning loads of appreciation. One of the major benefits of applying Tatkal Passport through online […]

How to Apply for Right to Information (RTI)


Are you planning to apply for Right to Information Act (RTI) but don’t have a clear idea on how to use it and what is it basically? If yes, then certainly, you are on the right age. Right to Information Act (RTI) is an act of the Indian parliament that focuses on providing the information […]